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Venue: sports field KHG Adalbert-Stifter-Str. | Graefelfing (district of Munich)

That awaits you

  • 180 jumpers
  • Jumping on 2 facilities on 3 days
  • World Cup Qualification for U20 World Cup in Cali, Colombia
  • TOP athletes from all over Germany and Europe
  • Crane trip with the Schmidbauer crane overlooking the roofs of the Würmtal
  • acrobatics and dance
  • try out pole vault
  • Join-in activities for young and old
  • Delicious tastings for everyone


Green Frog (jump facility 1) Vennekel – 6m x 9m – built in 2017, maximum inrun: 31m
Black Mamba (jump facility 2): Vennekel – 8m x 9m – built in 2018, maximum inrun: 50m

If necessary, additional soft floors can also be laid out around the systems.

 +++ The competitions are held according to the regulations of the IWR and the DLO. +++